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Marketing Strategies

Tracking the Right Data

Whatever method, or methods, of marketing you choose to use for your small business, you are generating data. You gather information on the effectiveness of the method by seeing what ad or set of wording draws in the most leads. You can see what promotions drive the most traffic to your site and/or the most sales to your business. In addition to this, you also have data such as unique site visitors, whether those visits were made by clicking on a link or typing in your URL, etc., as well as the information you gain from social media. With so much data available, it can be difficult to know what is worthwhile to track and how to apply the data from tracking those variables in a way that creates real value, as opposed to an arbitrary historical or industry comparison.


Keyword SpyKnowing what data is appropriate to track is more about what you are trying to discover than what you are actually tracking. A single piece of data may be used in a variety of calculations and, depending on your business, most calculations can be derived in a variety of ways. To use a very basic example, think about the reports of traffic to your site. If you just took that number and looked at it simply, perhaps in comparison to traffic from previous days/weeks/months or looked at it relative to other web sites, you would be able to rate the relative performance of your site over a set period. However, that simple observation tells you nothing about whether a new campaign is catching on or whether the traffic is due to someone putting a bad review on their Facebook wall.

Instead, base what you track on what you need to know.


Google Insights


When you know what to look for, you can establish systems to automatically record those factors. For example, do you need to know if a campaign is working? Then, you will need to track the click-throughs that result from the campaign ads versus your traditional advertising. Likewise, if you need to know what geographic location you are getting the most traffic from, you will need to analyze the IP's of your traffic.

When you focus your analytics on finding answers to specific questions, you can be sure that none of your resources (time or money) are being wasted tracking items that have little real weight.