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"How to Manage Your Google Plus Local Listing for Maximum Impact with Minimum Frustration!"

From: Gary F Cramer

Dear Fellow Local Business Owner,

You can't afford to ignore it.

Google Plus Local is quickly becoming the go-to source for local searches of all kinds, and if your business isn't listed, you're losing customers.

What's worse, a poorly optimized listing with that un-loved look can do real damage to your reputation. Clearly, if you operate a local business, you MUST have a Google Plus Local listing, and you must know how to use it to your advantage.

Grab your copy of this FREE report and I’ll show you how to easilyGoogle Plus Local get your Google Plus Local listing up and running:

bulletCheckBlack.png  Why reviews and check-ins are critical to your success

bulletCheckBlack.png How casual browsers might see your business if you're not proactive – this alone will scare you into action!

bulletCheckBlack.png Important differences between Google and Facebook (Yes! You really do need both.)

bulletCheckBlack.png How to make sure you get lots of views and +1's – skip this step, and your listing will be lost somewhere on page twelve.

Plus, you’ll get my exclusive email course, “5 Steps to a Better Google Plus Local Listing” so you can quickly get your page up to speed - and keep it running smooth.

Local listings are critical to your business growth. Don't miss this opportunity to put your marketing efforts on overdrive with Google's new Local listings. You'll love the results you'll get from just a little bit of effort!

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Gary F Cramer
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