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How can "FourSquare" increase your business?

FourSquare is without a doubt a major component in our next version of mobile or portable software programs.

Detailed by the company that created it as “a friend-finder, a social city-guide, and a game that encourages users to explore their neighborhoods and rewards them for performing so,” FourSquare is an application that is created to permit people to “check in,” or, in other words, indicate their where abouts. People check in at a selection of various kinds of locations, including their homes, parks, offices, restaurants, bars, cafés, and various businesses.
The idea would be to permit buddies to share their favorite spots in any new places that they might discover. In this way, Foursquare is an extremely complex application that is tantamount to viral marketing and it could be utilized to occur age word-of-mouth participation by your clients; here’s how:
Customer Loyalty: initial, think about utilizing FourSquare to offer customer loyalty promotions, such as offering a complimentary appetizer to any customer that checks in three times in a given week or writes a positive review. FourSquare makes offering these kinds of so-called “FourSquare specials” simple by providingtotally free tools to permit businesses automatically fulfill or unlock the FourSquare special (e.g. data says you have been here three times this week! That’s a free appetizer!; Application users get 20% off their order each and every 10th check in!).
Points: The App operates nearly like a game also, in users gain points for checking in, adding a new venue, repeat visits, etc. The points are assessed by venue, as well as a whole. Businesses can encourage customers to check in by supplying value for the number of points accrue, like offering to donate a nickel per point to a charity or allowing users to earn discounts in relation to the number of points they have.
Mayors: the user that has the most points for a particular venue is designated as the “mayor” of that venue. Such, numerous businesses will choose to providesome thing of a larger value to the member who becomes the mayor of their venue, like a gift certificate or a complimentary bottle of wine. Many FourSquare users are very competitive over the “mayor” status and this “battle” can translate into increased exposure, and accordingly profits, for a company.
To do lists: next, think about creating a “to-do” list for Foursquare users. A Foursquare to-do list operates very much like a contest or scavenger hunt. You'd produce a to-do list based on aspects of your company you'd like to promote, such as your new line of cocktails or a new fitness class. When a user completes the to-do list, you could award him much the way you'd award the “mayor” - by supplying a complimentary item or service.
Everyone’s a winner: lastly, consider making everyone a winner by offering a free upgrade to anybody who checks in (and shows they did to the cashier) or by offering 10% off to everyonein the store when the analytics show that 100 individuals have checked in at your venue.
Without a doubt, participating in sites like FourSquare can be a key part of growing your company presence in the eyes of internet dependent local consumers.
An on-line marketing technique consists of being findable in multiple locations when local customers are looking for your item or service. A Local Internet Advertising Consultant can help you strategize and implement your on-lineadvertising plan, such as opportunities like FourSquare.

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