Step 1:  1 on 1 Authority Positioning Interview




You’ll have a 1-on-1 call with one of our professional journalists for an interview where we they will quickly

- Find Your Micro-Specialization
- Discover the Educator & Advocate in You
- Create a topic for your article that positions you as the Authority


Step 2:  Publishing of your news article on Networks and news publications affiliate sites

As soon as your release is written and approved by you, it will be syndicated out to over 100 network affiliate and news publication sites..

You’ll get the instant credibility and trust that comes with being positioned as an Authority on these top-shelf institutions national media sites. We’ll even include a quote from you in the release.

Think about how your prospects will view you–when they see you’ve been “Quoted on” sites like ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS news affiliates along with online publications like Worth Magazine, The Miami Herald or Boston Globe and more.



Step 3:  Leveraging Your New Authority


leverage.pngWhen your audience sees that the media takes notice of you, and instantly YOU become more credible, more trustworthy and they are therefore more eager to turn to you for advice.

You’ll get our Social Media Profile Image Makeover. Use this as your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google profile image and stand out from all the “me toos” in your industry.

The clout those logos bring will put that seal of approval on YOUR profile that says National Media says you’re worth listening too.


What do Clients of this Authority Strategy Have to say about it?


When I wanted to promote my new show, Big Money, which is airing on ABC in early 2014, I reached out to Brian & Jack again. Whether you are just starting your business and need an initial boost to get it moving, or are a seasoned entrepreneur that wants to promote your own reality show, you need to call the guys at Authority Alchemy.”


Doug Clark




Thank you guys! Your Authority positioning was a huge part of me getting in Oxygen Magazine.
At first I just thought it would be something ‘cool’ to do…I had no idea the drastic impact it would have on my business and income. Life long client and fan!”




garretjwhite“Authority Marketing is no joke. I wasn’t sure it would have the impact Brian told me it would…but surpassed it several times over. Since they got me on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and more places than I can even remember, my business has BOOMED! IN fact, I just launched a radio show and a TV show. These national media placements were a great foundation for the recent media explosion I’ve had. These guys know their stuff, and they have a passion for helping. Go for it!.”



“We’ll get you mass media attention in less than 48 hours”…I laughed and thought they were exaggerating. But then in less than 24 HOURS, I was in ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN and many others. I thought that was it… Then Brian showed me just one of his “monetization strategies” using Facebook…and my feed was blowing up with congratulations, Likes and shares. This stuff flat out works.”





I’ve lost track of how many PR firms I’ve worked with and how much I’ve spent. Some got me some action but not that much for what I paid. Enter Brian Horn.
By comparison, he’s from another galaxy! He got me immediate mention in the Wall Street Journal, Fox, ABC, CBS, CNN and about 400 local outlets..”

Dr. Christian



“Brian Horn is the MASTER at getting your authority recognized. Within 24 hours he had gotten an article I’d written picked up for publication by the Wall Street Journal, CBS News, ABC, Fox, a nice piece in the Miami Herald and numerous other outlets who saw it and published it. If you’re tired of hiding your message and authority and want to get known worldwide – the PLEASE hit Brian up.”


Kevin Nations



How do you think your customers would react if they saw you profiled as an expert on ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX?

-----  Intrigued!  ------

You can't believe how nuts they go over stuff like this.

How much more do you think you would sell every month when they view you as a celebrity?

------$____________------- (take a guess and triple it)

So by not being that celebrity right now, you are really losing $_________ (same as above) every month.

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