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About Palm Beach SEO GuRu

Gary F Cramer

Barons Best Marketing, Located in western Palm Beach County was founded by Gary F Cramer a local business entrepreneur with a 15 year back ground in broadcast advertising. With the advertising and marketing world evolving everyday Gary (also a real estate broker) was looking for better ways to get exposure in the marketplace. It was soon discovered that the only way to learn what the GuRu's on the internet knew was to study under them and pay them lots of money to revel their secrets. 1st page rankings on the search engines would not come easy or cheaply. In many cases it was necessary to purchase the software and tools GuRus had developed over the years to perfect the process. Through this rather costly and time consuming process Gary became Palm Beach SEO GuRu.

Barons Best Marketing, Now offers search engine optimization services for businesses throughout the Palm Beach County Area. Providing search engine optimization, pay per click management, e-mail marketing, list building, back linking, web design and web analytics. If your business is looking for way to increase customer traffic, and enhance its online presence, local search optimization offers real opportunities.

Yahoo, Bing & Google

Many search engines offer free services for local business listings. These services allow you to enhance your online presence, and increase your new customer opportunities. While Google and Yahoo are the primary services that many businesses use, there are other online platforms that you should add your business to as well.

Directory listings

Directory listings such as and offer real possibilities to increase the amount of visibility your business may have in the online realm. There are dozens of online listing web sites where you can place your business and one that is increasing in popularity is to Which directory service, you actually use is not as important as actually using them. Even if you don't have a lot of time to invest in your online marketing efforts making one small change every day can really add up over time. So take some time today, find some of these directory services. In the long run, these efforts will show a positive results related to your online efforts. Paying someone, having knowledge of search engine optimization, and the way these key to the listings are treated by search engines can have an impact on your overall position in the local and online market.