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Google Plus Grow Your Business

Google Pluss for local resource guide

Get to know Google Plus for local and reputation marketing. Imagine you are a small business owner in the local market place. You’ve just opened your doors and await your first customers. Maybe you put an ad in the local newspaper, maybe you contacted your Chamber of Commerce, maybe you put balloons or a banner over your door so people driving by would see you.

Those things may get you attention for a very limited period of time – maybe the few seconds it takes to drive by your building – but without heavily marketing yourself and letting people know you exist, your door will stay shut until someone decides to explore and see what you’re shop is about. The fact is that in today's fast pace world the need for a strong online positioning of you business is imperative. I have prepared a Guide to Goggle Plus you can download at no cost. Simply click on the image of the guide above.

"Reputation Marketing"

How is your companies online reputation?

The graph below is from a study done by the Nelson Ratings Company

consumer trust chart








What is Reputation Marketing?

Reputation Marketing Resousce guideWhen someone recommends a new contractor to you what is the first thing you do? I know, Google them!  We all do it, and you can bet that when someone refers you to another person, or they find your website (usually through Google), the smart consumer will do another Google search about you to see if they find anything negative or off putting about you. The problem here is that negative can truly at times be in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, it is imperative that you become aware of what Google Search and other search results show about you and then deal with the situation at hand. Click the <<<<<<<free resource guide to the left.

Reputation Marketing is the solution to avoiding bad reviews from causing your business to loose potential new customers because your score in Google is just not up to par. Even having no score can be a deterant in some potential customers eyes. Today not having a good reputation online could turn all the dollars and effort you spend advertising into wasted time and money. People trust reviews from consumers online and without them or with bad revews you are missing out on consumers ready to spend.

Rachel Botsman:
The currency of the new economy is trust/ reputation


What if I told you that your company could hold "FIVE STAR" ratings Month in and Month Out? Try our new software below and see where you stand as far as reputation.

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